Philosophical Instructions

    Philosophical Instructions is a textbook compiled for the purpose of introducing the students of the Islamic seminaries in Qom to the rudiments of Islamic philosophy. It is arranged in the form of seventy short lessons which cover the breadth of Islamic philosophy, including discussions of the history of philosophy, epistemology, metaphysics and philosophical theology. The lectures were originally presented by the author to students and taped at the Dar Rah-e Haqq Institute in Qom in 1981 and 1982, the transcriptions of the tapes were revised and edited by Prof. Misbah and published in two volumes by the Islamic Propagation Organization in Qom. In the Persian edition, titled Amuzesh-e Falsafah, first printed in 1985-86, each lesson is followed by a summary and review questions, but the lessons themselves are so concise that these materials were omitted from the translation.